LITA LOPEZ: Actor/Writer/Producer

Quirky character in the coolest plaid jacket ever!

Thank you for visiting the official website of Lita Lopez.


The Good Balloon has completed post-production and is now being submitted to film festivals! Stay tuned for premiere updates.

Lita is also nearing completion on her “unofficial dissertation” The Tragedy of the Shrew. It Must Excite Pity & Fear: The Taming of the Shrew is a Tragedy & Aristotle Says So.

The Good Balloon trailer just dropped! Click below.

This is a true story. This is a miracle story. Follow The Good Balloon on Facebook or IMDB to learn more about this film that shines light on two difficult topics almost all humans face but fear to discuss – grief and mental illness.

The Tragedy of the Shrew

Author Lita Lopez dissects one of William Shakespeare’s most controversial plays, uncovering the true tragedy beneath The Taming of the Shrew. T’aint no rom-com!

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