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Lita Lopez
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Ladies Night Billiards

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Lita Lopez has been playing pool recreationally for over 20 years. This summer, she fulfilled a lifelong ambition of playing competitively and joined the American Pool-Players Association. In her first season in the co-ed league, Lita finished in 1st Place in 8-Ball for her group division! With a current win average of 67%, Lita is well on her way to finishing the current season on top as well.

Sharing her love of the game with other women is another passion for Lita and she created Ladies Night Billiards Lessons to provide women a chance to learn in a relaxed and empowering environment, while having a ball with their best gal pals! Her lesson plan focuses on the fundamentals of various shots and emphasizes the importance of strategy and defense. Pool is not a game of strength or power, it is about finesse and forethought – things women excel at naturally.

Contact to schedule an event for your business or group of friends.  Or, FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK for updates on the next Ladies Night!

1st Ladies Night Pic 3

Lita explains the geometry of a bank shot.


“Lita does a great job explaining the physics and geometry of pool, basic shots, and strategy and makes everyone feel comfortable no matter their skill level. It’s stress free fun with drinks and snacks to boot. I highly recommend!” – Amy C.

“Unlocking the mysteries of the game of pool has become a reality, thanks to Lita! A fun girls’ night out in a low key atmosphere with the wonderful side effect of becoming better at the game! Yes!” – Rebecca R.

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