Worst Breakdowns of the Week


STRIKING. A knockout. Think of Megan Fox, Amber Heard, or Sharon Stone when she was young. TRAUMATIZED woman, who endures Stockholm Syndrome although a FIGHTER. She finally SNAPS when forced to marry a crazy psychopath at a wedding filled with corpses. She tries to escape over a road of glass and nails before hiding in a chicken coop, where the farmer KILLS her, then marries her corpse.

Wardrobe: WEDDING DRESS, must fit a size 6. Will try on at audition to make sure. Wardrobe has already been purchased.
Rate: $100 cash, meal, copy within two weeks of shoot, EXPOSURE (circulating film festivals)


LEAD Any ethnicity female, 35-40, tall (6ft min), thin. An obsessive loving mother to an 11 yrs old boy. Will go to any length to protect her mentally challenged boy both physically and emotionally from people around him. Blinded by her love for her son, her questionable acts call upon a bad omen on their family of two. She has to go beyond life and death to be with her son and to right the wrongs done to her family. This role requires topless and full back nudity for a sexual and physical (pushing and hitting) abuse scene. Credit, meals, reel material…NUDITY REQUIRED:  TOPLESS & FULL BACK during sexual and physical abuse scenes; GUARANTEED PAY OF $100 PER DAY ON DAYS WHEN ACTRESS IS REQUIRED TO BE NUDE AND $75 ON ALL OTHER DAYS.


 – Age 19 to 30, all ethnicities, very attractive, in great swimsuit model shape. Gorgeous dumb blonde who uses the dumb blonde approach to get what she wants.

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