See Lita Here!

Outrageous 911

This TLC Network two-part special premiered December 14.  Lita appears in the escaped raccoon segment in the first episode, “Locked Inside My Car.”  Using real audio from actual 911 calls, this show elicits some serious laughter.  “Now, let me tell ya,” these calls are truly ridiculous non-emergencies that provide an hour of hilarity and fun for the whole family.  Oh, and 911 should only be dialed in cases of actual emergency.

Lita’s episode airs again on TLC, Thursday January 2nd.  7:00pm & 9:00pm Pacific.

Abducted at Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema

Lita shows her dramatic side in this heart-wrenching thriller about the very real global issue of human trafficking.  Playing a member of the ring responsible for kidnapping a young girl vacationing with her family, Lita sought to create a 3-dimensional villainess.  Both ruthless and nurturing, the character of Rhamia cares for the abducted children even while plotting illegal adoptions, or worse.


Abducted screens at Idyllwild on Tuesday, January 7th and Thursday, January 9th.

CyberMac at MockFest 2014

CyberMac is an absurd short from director Bear Badeaux and Southern Rivers Productions, the team behind the upcoming feature film Hypnotize Me.  CyberMac premieres in MockFest’s opening night celebration, Friday January 10th.

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